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Film, 3D and 4D Projects


StarDog and TurboCat

Launched into space by his scientist owner in 1969, loyal dog Buddy crash lands in the present-day in a small town where pets are ruthlessly rounded up by animal-hating cop Peck. Desperate to be reunited with his owner, Buddy recruits genius millionaire cat Felix to help him on a madcap adventure across town.

Sound Design, Tracklay, Sound Supervisor:
Wilfredo Acosta


Return to the Lost World 4D

Sequel to The Lost World.
More dinosaurs!

• Sound Design

APRIL 2017

Dino Safari 2 - 3D

A baby dinosaur is taken by poachers.
With the help of many Dinosaurs in the park, you are taken on a wild chase to try and save it.

• Sound Design


Birds of a Feather 4D

Flying south for winter, straightlaced bird BRIAN is knocked out the sky by loudmouthed pelican DEL. Forced to rely on Del for directions, the pair meet a flock of demented, deranged and plain dangerous birds on their manic migration home. When they run into an egotistic eagle in the rainforest, can these Birds of a Feather stick together?
• Sound Design

MARCH 2015

Tomb Racers 4D

When mild mannered archaeologist TIM discovers a clue to a legendary Egyptian tomb, he’s swept up in the adventures of high-tech spy KARA STORM as she races to find it before ruthless thief MAX REZNOR. Tim and Kara race through blistering deserts and ancient Egyptian temples, solving clues to zero in on the treasure.

Sound Design


Knights Quest

When two knights in armour arrive at a medieval castle, they realize a princess is being held captive. In their quest to find the key that will unlock the princess’ chamber, and conquer the fair lady’s heart, our two competing characters are faced with a series of bizarre games and deadly traps. Each knight tries all the tricks to out-run the other, using increasingly desperate manoeuvres. But when they discover the castle holds a sinister secret, the two realize that if they want to succeed, they must work together against a common enemy to save their lives. Can their unlikely friendship prevail against the dark forces?

Sound Design


Glacier Race

Braving sub-zero temperatures, eight racers manoeuvre their ultra-sophisticated vehicles across frozen landscapes, through tunnels and under ice waterfalls; facing the ultimate test of driving skill. A high-octane ruthless race for victory, featuring dazzling imagery coupled with a pulse-pounding soundtrack.

Sound Design and Music


Wild West Mine Ride 3D

An action-packed ride with a hapless Sheriff and his trusty steed as they chase a ruthless bank robber through the Wild West.

Sound Design


Dino Safari 3D

Welcome to Dino Safari! Get on board your jeep and enjoy a unique tour of our dinosaur reserve. You’ll get within touching distance of a giant Diplodocus and the ferocious T-Rex as you travel through our jungle. But when disaster strikes and we have a major security breach… chaos reigns. Who will escape: you or the dinosaurs?

Sound Design